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Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County is a nonprofit agency that focuses on helping people and changing lives through serving nearly 40,000 persons across Central and Southern California.  We are committed to eliminating poverty by empowering individuals and families to achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-determination through a comprehensive array of community-based programs.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider

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More rainy weather in the forecast!

UPDATED: SLO Warming Center at 43 Prado Road Open
Monday 1/9, Tuesday 1/10, & Wednesday 1/11

Warming Center photo by Joe Johnston, SLO Tribune. CLICK HERE for Tribune Article.

The Warming Center at Prado Day Center is scheduled to be open Monday 1/9, Tuesday 1/10, and Wednesday 1/11, with future dates dependant on weather conditions.

The Warming Center opens when the likelihood of rain overnight exceeds 50% or if the temperatures are predicted to drop below 35 degrees. Since November 1, 2016, weather conditions have initiated the opening of the Prado Warming Center for a total of 16 nights, and we will be open a minimum of three additional nights during the next week. In contrast, the Warming Center was open a total of 18 nights during the 2015-16 winter/rainy season.

While we are always grateful to receive much-needed rain and for being able to provide a warm, dry place for people to stay, opening the Warming Center requires the mobilization of staff and volunteers, additional meals, and making sure we have new sleeping bags and other needed supplies. We are thankful to everyone who has assisted us in providing this resource for those in our community with nowhere else to stay during inclement weather.

If you would like to assist with meals or volunteering during this weekend's Warming Center, please visit www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E0A4BA8AA29A3FE3-prado2. Additionally, there is an on-going need for the following supplies, which can be dropped off at 43 Prado Road, San Luis Obispo:

  • Rain gear/ponchos/umbrellas
  • New socks and warm gloves
  • Large backpacks and sleeping bags Noodle/Cup of Noodles
  • Breakfast Bars Coffee, tea, creamer, sugar
  • Disposable plates, bowls, cups, and utensils
  • Large trash bags

Client check-in begins at 4:45 pm at 43 Prado Road. Those needing shelter may arrive at any time during the evening; however, once someone leaves, they may not return that night. Pets ARE allowed. Smoking is allowed in the designating smoking area. Prado is a sobriety-based facility. Overnight guests will be provided a safe dry place to sleep and a hot meal. While the Warming Center closes at 8am, clients may access regular Prado Day Center services beginning at 8:30am. The Warming Center may be activated on future dates, depending on weather conditions. For up to date information about warming center nights of operation, please call the CAPSLO Warming Center Hotline: 805-549-6858.


Mission Statement

The Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County is committed to eliminating the causes of poverty by empowering low-income individuals and families to achieve self-sufficiency through a wide array of community-based collaborations and programs.

Vision Statement

All people should have an equal chance in life to achieve economic self-sufficiency and self-determination for themselves and their families. As a result of increased self-sufficiency, the community and its citizens will reap the benefits of a more productive, responsible and economically viable society.