Client Services

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San Luis Obispo Case Management

750 Orcutt Road
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
(805) 541-6351

The Case Management Program in San Luis Obispo is available to homeless people and to those at immediate risk for becoming homeless.

City of San Luis Obispo Case Management is designed to assist individuals to increase skills to live independently, access available resources that will assist them in resolving issues that limit their achievement and support clients throughout the process of becoming self-reliant and self-sufficient. The ultimate purpose of Case Management is to empower clientele to proactively address barriers to accomplishing goals which lead to maintaining safe, affordable housing.

Clientele that continue to demonstrate motivation to complete goals and compliance with program requirements may secure priority bed status at the shelter. Clientele that choose not to stay at the shelter may still be case managed provided that they are willing to proactively accomplish their goals to increase their quality of life.

South County Case Management

1616 Manhattan
Grover Beach, CA 93433
(805) 473-8210

Summary of Services for South County Homeless Services Case Management Office:

Hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, with extended hours available by appointment. Open assessments are available 1PM-4PM on Tuesdays.

All open South County case management clients will receive a minimum of the following services where applicable:

  1. Assistance in obtaining long term stable housing.
  2. Assistance in setting up a new household.
  3. Assistance in increasing income.
  4. Assistance in addressing drug and alcohol issues.
  5. Assistance in addressing physical health issues.
  6. Assistance in addressing mental health issues.
  7. Assistance with transportation.
  8. Assistance with parenting skills.
  9. Assistance with budgeting and other financial management issues.
  10. Assistance with child care and school interaction.
  11. A case plan tailored to each individual person or family which may also address issues not mentioned above.

Some of South County's case management services are executed through referrals and in collaboration with other non profit agencies, for profit businesses, government agencies and/or individuals.