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Project Teen Health

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Since 2007, Community Action Partnership (CAPSLO) has been receiving grant funds to provide a childhood obesity prevention program at Arroyo Grande High School (AGHS) and connect students with the multitude of services available at CHC clinics. While awareness and prevention programs for the obesity epidemic have increased, the majority of childhood obesity resources are geared towards prevention at the elementary level. CHC and CAPSLO have worked together to bring Project Teen Health (PTH) to AGHS. PTH aims to combat teen obesity by offering a free, on-campus boot camp fitness program, school-wide outreach events, classroom education, and one-on-one nutrition education through the CHC’s AGHS clinic.


  • Boot Camp:  The Boot Camp after-school program at AGHS aspires to better the health of youth by offering free nutrition workshops and exercise classes to students. The program runs for six weeks and provides youth with a great opportunity to learn and experience all the components to leading a healthy lifestyle. Students are empowered, gain confidence and education to take charge of their health.
  • Health Fair: The annual health fair provides an opportunity for students to interact with community organizations promoting a healthier lifestyle.
  • Classroom Education: The PE Fitness Program is a special class at AGHS designed to give students who did not pass their California State PE Standards a specialized opportunity. Through collaboration with AGHS PE faculty, the PTH Health Educators now assist with classes once a week. Students were enthusiastic about the classes led by PTH Health Educators, and benefited from nutrition and fitness education provided in a smaller, more intimate setting.
  • Nutrition Consulting: The CHC Health Clinic at AGHS now offers personal nutrition consulting. The on-campus Health Educator works one-on-one with students to analyze food journals, set goals to improve diet and increase fitness, and answer any health or fitness-related questions.
  • Fitness Youth Trainers (FYT): Project Teen Health is collaborating with Equilibrium Fitness owner, Julian Varela, to provide a Fitness Youth Trainer Program. Students will become youth personal trainers, peer nutrition educators, and eventually assist fitness instructors in our Boot Camp Program and help with nutrition consulting at the CHC clinic. This program will help to create a leadership opportunity for students, allowing them to gain new skills, positively influence their peers, and support a culture of fitness at AGHS.

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