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40 Prado - An Introduction

With nearly $2.9 million dollars raised, the capital campaign for the new homeless services center at 40 Prado Road is getting ready for its public launch! The center at 40 Prado will combine emergency shelter services and day services currently being provided at two locations – Maxine Lewis Shelter and Prado Day Center – and will also eliminate the need for overflow sheltering at local churches and synagogue. The center at 40 Prado will streamline current programs at a significant cost savings over time. Case management is the cornerstone of this innovative center, putting individuals and families on a path that will lead to self-sufficiency. First-time clients receive individualized plans, with a focus on permanent supportive housing

The following video, produced for 40Prado.org, offers a glimpse into who we serve and why we need the support of the community to help build the new center! The video closes with a call to text slohomeless to 51555. By participating, you will be provided with updates on the campaign's progress, including future opportunities to participate. Text messaging rates do apply and you may opt out at any time! Thank you for your support!