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50 Years of Community Action: a Blast from the Past with SLO Grown

Album artwork for SLOGrown 2 with a cow on the coverCommunity Action staff have always been innovative and creative-- especially when it comes to stretching a modest budget to make the greatest impact possible or creating surprising collaborative partnerships across the community.

SLO Grown is an example of just such ingenuity! In the late 1970s, CAPSLO, then known as the Economic Opportunity Commission of San Luis Obispo County, created a community-based music competition and fundraiser. Local musicians composed and submitted original songs about San Luis Obispo and the winners were featured on locally recorded, produced, and pressed vinyl records that were sold to raise money to support program activities. Local graphic artists competed to be featured on the cover. SLO Grown #1 was co-produced by KZOZ and features a rare and original recording of a song by Alfred Yankovic-- better known as Weird Al!

Musician Louie Ortega with a guitar and a black hat

The first song on SLO Grown #2 is written and performed by Louie Ortega, a grammy-nominated artist and long time friend of Community Action who has contributed his time and talents for the Annual Afternoon of Epicurean Delights fundraiser, the California Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Association Conference and the agency's 40th anniversary celebration at SLO Farmer's Market.

While it's hard to know how many records were sold or how much money was raised by SLO Grown, the memories and songs created by the project are priceless! CAPSLO recently tracked down the original vinyl recordings and is having them digitized so that they can be shared and enjoyed once again! Stay tuned for the re-release of these Community Action treasures-- a listening link and full album artwork will be shared soon!