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Assistance with Child Care Payments

Alternative (Subsidized) Payment Programs

California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP)

Families admitted to Alternative Payment Programs funded by the California Department of Education must meet need and income requirements. Need is defined as:

  • Employment that precludes the supervision of children.
  • Seeking employment, for 29 hours or less per week.
  • Vocational training leading to a recognized trade, paraprofessional or profession with a maximum of 6 years of service or 24 units beyond a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Homeless and seeking housing
  • Incapacitated as verified by a legally qualified professional.
  • CWS and/or Child At-Risk as verified by a legally qualified professional.

To be eligible the family’s gross monthly income cannot exceed the 70% of the State Median Income at time of enrollment, and 85% for ongoing families.

CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids)

Families may be referred by the local Department of Social Services for CalWORKs (California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids) child care in order to fulfill their Welfare to Work Plan. To pursue this avenue a family must apply at their local Department of Social Services.

There are three CalWORKs stages serving those that participate in work and approved work-readiness activities.

  • Stage 1: Pays for child care when CalWORKs participants begin job training or work.
  • Stage 2: Begins when the CalWORKs participant’s work activity is stable; the participant is transitioning off cash aid; or when a family is referred for Diversion by the Department of Social Services (DSS). Families are eligible for Stage 2 for a maximum of 24 months once they have left cash aid or have been approved for child care diversion by the DSS.
    • Child Care Diversion is a referral from DSS that diverts a family from receiving cash assistance by providing child care services.
  • Stage 3: Child care funds may be available for former CalWORKs participants or Diversion clients currently being served that have been off cash aid for 24 months. These families are transferred into Stage 3 child care on their 25th month.

Families who are not eligible for a referral from the Department of Social Services for the CalWORKs child care program should submit an application for placement on the CCRC Waiting List.

The application is available here (Spanish here) or by calling 805-541-2272.  The length of wait is determined by available funding to enroll new families.”