Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

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Family Engagement

All of our Migrant and Seasonal Head Start parents work, necessitating that our staff be careful to ensure that family engagement opportunities are available on a schedule that accommodates the sometimes long hours that accompany jobs in agriculture.

Additionally, in more than 84% of our MSHS families, parents have not completed a high school diploma or its equivalent, increasing the need for family engagement activities that build confidence and empower our MSHS parents to be advocates for their children’s education throughout their lives.

Family engagement opportunities for Migrant and Seasonal Head Start include:

  • Classroom volunteer opportunities
  • Parent Conferences (2)
  • Field trip chaperoning and participation
  • Parent education workshops and seminars
  • Monthly Center Parent Committee meetings
  • Monthly Program Policy Council meetings
  • Community Action Partnership Board of Director’s liaison/representative
  • Annual Program Self‐Assessment
  • Personnel Interviews for new employees
  • County level Health Services Advisory Committees
  • Family Engagement groups and/or workshops for:
    • Males/Fathers utilizing the Amor de Padre – Hombres que Cuentan / Love a Father – Men that Count curriculum.
    • Females/Mothers utilizing the Abriendo Puertas / Opening Doors curriculum.