Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

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Migrant and Seasonal Head Start Education Curriculum Plan

Community Action Partnership MSHS Education Curriculum Plan was designed to meet three main educational goals for our infants, toddlers, and preschool-age children:

  • Equip children with school readiness skills through quality early learning experiences.
  • Build the confidence and self-esteem necessary for children to succeed in their present environment.
  • To empower children for future challenges.

This is accomplished with staff, parents, and community partners working in harmony to assure continuity in the child’s experience. This partnership is the tie that assures MSHS is assisting children of all ages and abilities in meeting their potential.

This integrated curriculum is child-centered and provides for all areas of development. Activities are planned for individual children, based on their needs and interests, and promote development in the areas of Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Social/Emotional Development, Science, Creative Arts, Approaches to Learning, and Physical Health and Well Being.