Migrant and Seasonal Head Start

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Mental Health Services

The Mental Health service area of the Migrant & Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) program is designed to provide a holistic approach for the children and families and an integrated systems approach within the program. Community Action Partnership – MSHS has realized that to provide comprehensive mental wellness for the migrant families we must be innovative and proactive. We have found that bringing a Mental Wellness approach and direct Mental Health services into our centers is the most effective way of supporting our MSHS families.

Our Community Action Partnership Mental Health team is comprised of two Behavior Specialists and a Mental Health Coordinator; in addition, each county has on contract a licensed Mental Health professional that visits the centers on a regular basis and is available to meet with the parents for family counseling.

Disability Services

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start makes special efforts to ensure that children with special needs are able to participate in all aspects of the program in an inclusive classroom or family child care provider environment. At least 10% of enrollment is reserved for children who have been diagnosed with a disability. A technical assistance team of coordinators and specialists in the areas of disabilities, health, mental health, nutrition and education work together to support staff and parents in serving children with special needs. We support families in the referral process when additional services may be needed.