Youth Programs

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Our mission is to improve the health and well-being of youth in our communities through innovative, inclusive, youth-driven programs that provide support, teach skills and inspire self-empowerment.

Project Teen Health (PTH)

PTH is a comprehensive childhood obesity prevention program that utilizes a variety of strategies including: evidence-based curricula, health fairs, nutrition consultations, after-school fitness programs, and leadership opportunities to inspire a lifetime of wellness among youth.

Sexual Health Education Programs

The Sexual Health Education Program provides evidence-based, comprehensive curricula and leadership opportunities to reduce the risk of early sexual involvement, teen pregnancy and STIs by empowering youth to make informed decisions for healthy and successful lives.

Teen Monologues is a teen theater outreach project that portrays the complexities of sexual decision-making and the challenges that youth face as they navigate sexuality and relationships. Written and produced by local youth, the play delivers a message of understanding, encouragement and hope.

Youth Advisory Group (YAG) is a passionate and diverse group of local teen volunteers who develop and apply their leadership skills to build awareness, promote resources, and improve outcomes related to sexual health among their peers and community members.

Teen Sexual Health Collaborative is comprised of youth-serving agencies and community members that work toward goals aligned with its mission: to advocate for the postponement of early sexual involvement and prevention of teen pregnancy through access to comprehensive health education, youth development, and reproductive healthcare, while offering supportive resources and advocacy for expectant/parenting teens.

Teen Academic Parenting Program (TAPP)

TAPP advocates for the well-being of expectant and parenting teens and their children by providing: case management, parent support groups, and coordination of community resources to encourage self-sufficiency in the areas of educational achievement, health, life skills, and positive parenting.