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Liberty Tattoo Removal

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The Liberty Tattoo Removal Program removes anti-social, gang related and visible tattoos so that people can:

  • Obtain employment
  • Move forward in their lives
  • Become accepted in our community
  • Improve opportunities for education
The tattoo must be one of the following:
  • Anti-social
  • Gang related
  • Preventing you from finding employment
  • Interfering with your life
Participants must:
  • Be clean and sober
  • Complete application and orientation
  • Do 16 hours community service for each treatment or make donation equal to same
  • Agree not to acquire any more tattoos while in program
  • Confirm and attend a clinic once every two months in San Luis Obispo
Paul Before                              Paul After
Paul before and after
For more information contact the
Liberty Tattoo Removal Program
Phone (805) 544-2484 option 2
Liberty Tattoo Removal operates in San Luis Obispo.
If you are out of the area, search for free tattoo removal programs and your city name.

We would like to thank Sierra Vista Hospital for clinic space, our clinic volunteers, and our dedicated doctors who donate their time and expertise to our program: Dr. Lisa Aquino, Dr. Charles Fishman, and Dr. Carmelo Plateroti. Without their help, we could not offer these services

Please watch this inspiring video about the Liberty Tattoo Removal Program

Liberty Tattoo Removal CAPSLO ARRA from CAPofSLO on Vimeo.